Bug Out Bag List: Things to Pack Up in Your Bug Out Bag to Survive

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Survival Life Strategies If you happen to be a new survivalist and you want to go for a new adventure, then building your own bug out bag should be one of your main priorities. Packing things for your bug out bag can be a tough task especially if you do not have clues about the finest survival gears you should take. This can be hard. But, these are those things that will help you to survive:

Water Some say that anyone can survive without water for three days. Well, this may be true for some, but water is one of the precious commodities during an emergency situation outdoor or in wilderness. The amount of water you must bring may depend on the days of survival adventure. A person can consume a liter of water each day. Thus, if you’re trip is good for 3 days, you should bring 3L of water.

Food The next thing that must pack in your bug out bag is the food. If you like to enhance your survival skills, you can search your own food in the wild, yet do not eat anything as some may not be edible and can poisonous. However, if you do not want to make efforts in searching for foods during your survival trip, you can bring backpack meals as well as energy bars. Backpack meals are those freeze and dried foods, which will only add boiling water for you to eat them.

Clothing Clothing is another thing that you must pack in your bug out bag. Aside from important survival gear, clothing can give you protection from the heat of the sun and other harms that you may face outdoor. For that reason, it is vital to pack up the right clothing. Your clothing must be proper for the place’s environment.

Shelter Shelter can keep you protected from wild animals and can give you warmth. Sometimes, nature provides shelter, but if can still carry your own tent, you can bring one. You can also consider a tarp as an alternative. Many survivalists consider this as a great option. More hints

Bug Out Bag plays a huge role in survival as it was designed to let anyone get out of emergency situations and allow them to survive for several days. Those mentioned things above can let you build an effective bug out bag. If you still don’t understand the whole thing, finding a survival blog can be a great help to you. Browse it then make the most of its offered information.

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